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Articles about acting

  • Do Nothing: Zen and the art of film-acting
    Do nothing. An oxymoron. How does one do nothing? Doing implies an action right? Doing nothing is a very Zen concept. And critical to the art of film acting.
  • On Acting
    Great acting is about action—about affecting—as opposed to showing.
  • On Auditioning. Part one: Craft
    Successful auditioning for television and film has two aspects. One has to do with craft; the other has to do with psychological preparation.
  • On Auditioning. Part Two: Psychological Preparation
    Actors are always being told: “don’t be nervous.” But how can you not be nervous when you really want the part? A paradox: you have to not want the thing you most want.
  • Play the Scene the Writer Meant to Write
    I often hear actors complain that the writing in the shows or films they are auditioning for is clichéd or unnatural: “I would never say that” is a frequent comment. When I was a younger actor I remember making that same complaint myself. Well, if you start from that contention you are judging the material and will never do a good audition.

Shut Up and Dance!

Dance changed Jamie Rose’s life, and she discovered that she wasn’t the only one. Over and over, the women she encountered at dance halls—women from age twenty to ninety_three—told her how falling in love with dance helped them fall in love with life again. The secret? Whereas before they may have worried that if they let go of their grip on things for a moment, everything would fall apart, now they knew that sometimes letting go of the lead is the best way to keep things together”—especially in a relationship. For anyone who has ever marveled at Fred and Ginger up on the silver screen (how could they be so in sync?), SHUT UP AND DANCE shows how to dance their way into a happier, sexier life—even if they never step onto a dance floor.

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