My formal training is eclectic. I studied with renowned acting coach Roy London from 1982 until his death in 1994. During that time I also studied Shakespeare at the London Academy Music and Dramatic Art, and with Kate Fitzmaurice and Kevin Kelley here in Los Angeles. I also studied Meisner technique with John Ruskin and Janet Alhanti. While my personal technique draws from all these sources, the thing I feel most informs my technique is my professional on-set and on-stage experience. It's one thing to be able to perform well in a classroom setting and quite another to be able to apply technique in the real world. My students benefit from my vast and varied "real world" experience.

In over thirty years as a professional actor I have been employed as everything from a "day player" to the star of a major network television series, and have acted on stages all over the world. My acting technique tools are not "theoretical", they are tried and true strategies based on practical situations in the working environment. I know from personal experience that in order to have a sustained career in the entertainment industry you need more than talent. My goal is to give you the training and confidence that will support you in all professional situations.

I occasionally teach group classes and workshops,but I prefer to teach one-on-one. That way I can really focus on each actors individual issues with acting and audition technique. I find that students grow very quickly using my methods. I've seen remarkable progress in just one or two sessions

I use Skype or ichat for online coaching sessions. These sessions are great for last minute audition coaching and also allows me to work with people who live outside of the LA area. If you live in the Los Angeles area, I can coach you online, in person at my Malibu studio or at your location.

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Words From Previous Clients

“As an acting coach Jamie is honest, smart and loving. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Beth Behrs, 2 Broke Girls

“There is an old expression that those who can, do; and those who can’t, teach–well Jamie Rose can (and does) but she also teaches–wonderfully! I know this much: If I hadn’t decided to do Jamie’s class before directing my first MONK episode, they wouldn’t have given me a second one. The third one airs tomorrow.”

David Breckman, writer/producer (credits include SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and eight seasons on the Emmy award-winning USA series MONK, starring Tony Shalhoub)

“Within 6 months of working with Jamie I booked roles in CSI, Lions for Lambs, and a major horror film, The Echo, from producer Roy Lee. Enough said… She’s an essential tool for any actor who’s serious about booking the role.”

Louise Linton, Actor

“Jamie, is a master at getting the best out of each of her students. Her tenacity and strength are the qualities that make her an exceptional teacher. When taking her class you recognize what it really means to be an artist”

Saul Huezo, Actor (recent credits include, The Shield, Lincoln Heights, HUFF, Woman's Murder Club, American family)

“Jamie is an absolute master at seeing through BS and getting to the heart of your work. She can improve a performance 100% just by saying a few words. And she really knows the business–as it is now, this minute–because she’s out there herself. A great combination of savvy, compassion, skill, perceptiveness and great energy. Miss her class at your peril…”

Suzanne Ford, actor. (Working actor, mulitiple roles in film and television, recent credits include "You, Me and Dupree" and "House" among many others.)

“I have worked with Jamie Rose for a little over 2 months. In that time she has helped me find the passion I once had for acting. Jamie’s energy, no BS approach, gentle prodding, expert direction and in-depth character and scene study has allowed me the freedom to risk and succeed beyond any previous measure that I had known. If you are willing to listen, work hard, and be committed to the craft, Jamie will lift you to beautiful performances. I have worked a bit in my career. Jamie is the best I have ever worked with. Amazing woman.”

Andrew Hyatt Masset, actor. (Working actor for over thirty years, mulitiple leads in film and television, currently re-curring lead One Life to Live.)

“I have been studying with Jamie Rose for two years now and have grown remarkably as an artist and a human being. Her approach is sensitive, direct and obtainable. Her classes are intimate, focused, extremely informative, and safe. Being a pupil in her presence has truly been a celebration of life.”

Ben Easter, Actor. ( The Hook, Holiday in the Sun, Zenon Z3.)

“… Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. She is professional, personable and offers no “Hollywood” attitude. It is all about the work. Her class is a safe place to explore, take risks and develop your acting skills and abilities to the highest level possible. ANYONE who wants to be a consistently working actor needs to take this class.”

Lisa Pettett, Actor. (Professional actor/dancer for over twenty years, recently seen as the lead in the critically aclaimed play "A Single Woman".)

“Jamie rose is a gifted actress of enormous range, her skill as a teacher of acting draws from her ability to articulate what she knows and her generosity of spirit to nurture and inspire.”

William F. Finklestein, Writer & Producer LA Law, NYPD Blue, Law and Order.

Private Coaching Prices

via Skype or Ichat

$90/1/2 hour
via Skype or Ichat

at my Toluca Lake location


Jamie’s Articles About Acting

  • Do Nothing: Zen and the art of film-acting
    Do nothing. An oxymoron. How does one do nothing? Doing implies an action right? Doing nothing is a very Zen concept. And critical to the art of film acting.
  • On Acting
    Great acting is about action—about affecting—as opposed to showing.
  • On Auditioning. Part one: Craft
    Successful auditioning for television and film has two aspects. One has to do with craft; the other has to do with psychological preparation.
  • On Auditioning. Part Two: Psychological Preparation
    Actors are always being told: “don’t be nervous.” But how can you not be nervous when you really want the part? A paradox: you have to not want the thing you most want.
  • Play the Scene the Writer Meant to Write
    I often hear actors complain that the writing in the shows or films they are auditioning for is clichéd or unnatural: “I would never say that” is a frequent comment. When I was a younger actor I remember making that same complaint myself. Well, if you start from that contention you are judging the material and will never do a good audition.