The Tools®

In 1987, when I began therapy with Dr Phillip Stutz, I was a wild-brained, wild-haired ingénue. I was a young “celebrity,” who’d starred in her own television series. I had money, a house off Mulholland – and was 5 years sober and clean.

I was also out of my mind.

I couldn’t enjoy the present moment, let alone all the things that were supposed to make me so-called happy: fame, career and possessions, close friends and family. My best times were spent either compulsively shopping (since it was the 80s, I basically invested my money in shoulder pads, who knew?) or holed up in my bedroom with my journal composing awful poems romanticizing my complaints and anxieties.

Then, I went to see Dr. Phil Stutz.

Instead of letting me go on and on about my terrible childhood for 50 minutes like all the other shrinks I’d been to, he let me blather for about ten woe-is-me minutes before saying, “Okay, shut the f**k up.” Rather than be offended, I was relieved. On some level, I knew my endless talking about my problems was killing me.

Over the next few years, Phil changed my f**king life.

From that very first session, Dr. Stutz provided solutions. These solutions are called The Tools®.

Thirty years later, instead of writing bad poetry and collecting Dynasty-inspired power-suits, I have a large group of friends with whom I’m deeply connected. I love and show up for my aging parents – my beloved father suffers from Alzheimer’s – and I’m in a wonderful relationship.

I’ve continued to work as an actor. I’ve danced tango all over the world. I’ve taught acting, and published a memoir – but the work I find most rewarding is sharing the mental exercises and philosophical system developed by Dr. Stutz.

Phil is both mentor and colleague now. I coach The Tools® privately and in group sessions; the depth and passion of the work has made me happier than I could have imagined. Especially when I think about the young woman of three decades ago, who looked as if she had “everything” – on the outside.

If you want to learn more about The Tools®, check out the book by Phil Stutz and his partner Barry C. Michels here.

To learn more about private coaching with me go to: JamieRoseCoaching

Okay – I’ll shut the f**k up now.